Macedonian PR market is estimated at about 2 million euros if taking into account the financial results of the Macedonian PR agencies realized in 2015.


Analyzing incomes ending balances of the 9 largest agencies whose core activity is PR services (in alphabetical order: APRA Porter Novelli, Apriori, Why Not Communications, Element PR, Idea Lab, Image PR, Navigators, Hanibiz and Chapter 4) the estimated revenue in 2015 is approximately 95,087,130 denars or about 1,546,132 euros.


The total expenditures of the 9 PR agencies listed above in 2015, according to their closing balances, amounted 75.124.457 denars or 1.221.535 euros.


Calculated in this number of estimated incomes should certainly be the income on the basis of PR services from the full service agencies (primarily McCann Skopje, Publicist Skopje, New Moment New Ideas Company and Market Vision), but from whose balance is impossible to separate the part that goes to the PR (because their income is shown as the total amount from all services including preparation of creative, production, media planning & buying, digital etc.) … Which lead to estimation of total PR Macedonian market from approximately 2 million euros.

Compared, in 2014, the total income of the agencies mentioned above amounted to 1.737.080 euros, for 200.000 euros more than in 2015.