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Football for Friendship
Stefan Talevski and Simona Kostadinovska together with kids from all over the world participated within the Fifth Season of the project “Football for Friendship”

The Fifth Season of Gazprom’s project “Football for Friendship” International Children’s Social Program took place in St. Petersburg from 26th of June until 3rd of July. The Young Ambassadors within the project from Macedonia – Stefan Talevski, young football player from FC “Pelister”, Bitola and Simona Kostadinovska, young journalist from Skopje, were part from all project activities together with young representatives from all over the world.

Football for Friendship
The planned activities for the project “Football for Friendship” are implementing

After the Macedonian Delegation arrival in St. Petersburg, they finally had a chance to get to know each other personally with the other participants from all over the world.

During the first three days of the project “Football for Friendship”, the young athletes were going through training camps. In this sport camp of friendship besides the team play and the choice of the successful tactics, the children are taking part in star master classes under the patronage of well-known football players.

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