About us

APRA Porter Novelli is a private agency, founded in 1994 and famous for its extensive PR and communication experience and event management expertise. Over the past 20 years of experience, the agency has successfully completed numerous communications programs and campaigns. Alongside offering full communication service, APRA Porter Novelli also has its own in-house production, a digital agency and educational centre for Marketing and PR, certified by the Ministry of Education and Science, thus offering an even broader portfolio of benefits to its clients.
APRA Porter Novelli is one of the founders and a member of the Bulgarian Association of PR Agencies, which aims to increase the standards in the professional ethics and the quality of PR services. The Association’s members are leading companies, which have proven their professionalism and correctness in the relationships with the clients.
The agency has extensive experience in developing communications strategies and programs for complex issues affecting a wide range of audiences. The company’s clients include some of the world’s leading corporations, institutions and government agencies. Over the years, APRA Porter Novelli has earned a reputation for project management at an excellent level. A track record of multiple contracts shows a commitment to long-term relationships, an understanding of what constitutes value to the contracting authority and a dedication to the highest ethical standards.
Since 2002 APRA agency has been an affiliate partner of Porter Novelli International and operates under the trade mark APRA Porter Novelli. Since 2012 we have been trusted to enlarge the Group in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. Now we are preparing a second wave of enlargement, communicating with our affiliate partners in Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Montenegro, Moldova and Malta.