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Client Nestle Bulgaria
Year 2013


Back in 1938 a pure genius and one of the best coffee experts ever – Max Morgenthaler gave birth to what would eventually become one of the most exciting brands in world’s history - NESCAFE. It took him 7 years to achieve the noble mission to help Brazil cope with the huge coffee surplus at those times by creating a concept and technology, which enabled the Brazilian coffee association to avoid more reduction in green coffee prices, which would have meant all coffee farmers would bankrupt, leaving millions of people in pure misery, poverty and hunger.

Nestle, in the face of Max Morgenthaler and his team, took the challenge to invent coffee with longer shelf life, which would preserve all the coffee flavors and would be soluble in water. The coffee extraction was executed and the final result was the youngest coffee type, known as soluble or instant coffee.

Constant high quality, usage of the best Robusta and Arabica blends from the best regions in the world has made NESCAFE, a brand which is a synonym of high quality products. No one in the past 7 decades has done more for the development of the coffee culture than NESCAFE.

And people have appreciated it. NESCAFE is nothing without its consumers; the brand celebrates the consumer individuality and has made enormous efforts to serve the individual needs of people all over the world. NESCAFE lets people enjoy coffee and life in their own way, on their own terms. Our NESCAFE product experiences will always deliver great tasting coffees, unmatched by any other company in the world. NESCAFE coffees are always best in class to truly satisfy consumer desires and expectations.


On April 1st 2013 the number one coffee brand in the world was turning 75 years from the day the product was created. APRA Porter Novelli was entrusted to develop a communication campaign, in order to popularize the NESCAFE 75th Anniversary amongst all target groups of the brand, from all Nestle Bulgaria employees, stakeholders, customers, partners, ending with consumers and media representatives.


In order to mark the 75th NESCAFE Anniversary in a way, that an innovative, creative and caring brand as NESCAFE deserves, the team of APRA Porter Novelli designed a 5-stage integrated communication campaign. The team decided to build the campaign communicating and positioning the brand as a big and trusted friend who will serve the needs of consumers forever. A friend that gives people quality, stimulation and pleasure. We stressed on the fact that NESCAFE is a brand, but not a type of coffee.


The campaign generated huge interest and the 75th NESCAFE anniversary was the most commented event in April 2014. More than 100 Nestle Bulgaria employees treated the consumers in 68 of the biggest retail chains located in 11 of the biggest cities of Bulgaria. People were posting pictures form the NESCAFE red mug installation. 20 Special NESCAFE corners visited more than 50 locations and delighted over 10000 people.

According to the last research ordered by NESCAFE in order to evaluate the activities: 19,80% of the total Bulgarian population were aware, that Nestle Bulgaria employees participated in the products sampling of on the special day. 83,80% of the respondents said they liked the activity very much. The same research states that 91,70% of the people liked the NESCAFE red mug installation a lot and they would like to visit the corner again, and 91,40% were positively tuned towards the special NESCAFE corners. In addition, the Nestle Bulgaria team received numerous greeting and ‘Thank You” letters, Facebook messages and posts.

The Bulgarian media also covered the Anniversary with more than 100 publications on the NESCAFE history and leadership. The campaign achieved its goal to offer an unforgettable NESCAFE experience and to strengthen the image of the brand as the number one coffee brand not only in the world, but also in Bulgaria.