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Sandra Kleinburg

Sandra Kleinburg, partner and managing director of Martec Porter Novelli, has more than 19 years of extensive experience in the computer, marketing and public relations industries. Sandra was a founding partner of Martec 15 years ago and now serves as a strategic counselor to all Martec Porter Novelli clients. Her responsibilities include the agency business success; she oversees customer communications strategies, new business development and executive training. She has successfully handled crisis and merger and acquisition programs. Her client experience includes work for Hewlett-Packard, Gillette, Pfizer and Microsoft. Before joining Martec, Sandra worked as a computer program developer for several companies in the jewelry, construction, health, education and textile industries, and then served as communications and marketing media coordinator for Ashton-Tate de Mexico. Prior to joining Martec, Sandra worked for three years for Procter & Gamble de Mexico, where she was responsible for marketing, advertising, public relations and promotions campaigns as well as media plans and launch strategies for new products in the Choco Milk and VapoRub product families. She is a founding board member and former president of the Mexican PR Agencies Association (PRO-RP). Sandra graduated in 1989 from the Technical Institute of Superior Studies of Monterrey, Mexico City campus, with an engineering degree in computer systems. In 2000, she completed an advanced management program at IPADE Institute in Mexico City, and in 2008, a diploma course in pharmaceutical marketing.

"Among my proudest achievements at Porter Novelli is the creation of Porter Novelli brand awareness in the Mexican market," Sandra says. "Today we are one of the largest, best and most recognized PR agencies in Mexico."