Changes in the personnel in the other media


Macedonian TV broadcasting is enriched with a new TV station – TV “Nova”. The new medium id equipped with the most sophisticated television equipment and constitutes journalistic staff composed of experienced professionals and young journalists.

This new TV is owned by the businessman Sead Kochan, while editor in chief will be Biljana Vasileva- Trendafilova. Together, within the team are the journalists Ljubisa Nikolovski, Anita Petrovska and Goce Mihajlovski. The rest of the journalists, correspondents’ and the technical staff are from different TV houses. The main personnel came from the following TV houses: TV “Alfa”; “MTV” and “24 Vesti”. It is expected that the new director of television to be named the current director of the national television “MTV” – Marijan Cvetkovski.

Regarding the pre-election state of the country, many journalists are migrating from one to another television, which is also reflecting in the rest of the media, not just the TV’s. In two from the three newspapers, “Vest” and “Utrinski Vesnik”, part from the company Media Print Macedonia (MPM,) few weeks ago there were dismissals and appointments of the editors. The editor Goran Mihajlovski was replaced with the “MTV” editor in chief Petrevski.

In the last three months two more televisions started with work – TV “Shenja” and TV “21”, and there are speculations of opening of one more television before the elections.

However, recent research of the Macedonian Institute for Media (MIM) presented the viewers exceptional distrust in the TV news, which came as a result of presenting substandard and biased news on the TV. This leads the viewers to conclusions that the TV stations have become under the influence of the political parties, instead of caring the image of independent national medias.