Lisa Rosenberg, senior partner, managing director of Porter Novelli’s New York office and director of our global brand

marketing practice, has launched a new blog geared toward the marketing community that focuses on marketing to moms and kids.

Dubbed “Mommylens,” the blog is “one woman’s observations on being a manager, a marketer and a mom.”

“In my professional world I manage the New York office of a major public relations firm, overseeing millions of dollars in revenues and hundreds of employees. I’m also a marketer, having spent the last 20+ years helping my clients build some of the world’s best known brands. And I’m a mom. Whether from deep in my subconscious or appropriately attributed, all of my best ideas seem to stem in some way from my experience as the mother of twin seven year old boys” – she says.

In addition to showcasing Lisa’s personal expertise in the area, it is also a great window into our leadership in brand marketing and

the kind of insights that lead to our powerful client programs.