In Macedonia, 12,5% from the households don’t have a vacuum cleaner, 4,5% don’t own an iron, 7,3% of the households don’t have a washing machine, 3,8% don’t have a boiler, 3,5% don’t have a TV and 1,5% from the households don’t own a fridge.


According to the new publication from the State Statistical Office (SSO), “The consumption of the households in 2015“, the situation is worse within the more luxurious appliances. Only 9.6% from the households have a video camera, 15.6% own a dishwasher, 30.1% possess an air conditioning, while 63% from the households have computers with Internet access.

Only 0,9% from the Macedonian families own a piano, and 2,5% possess a guitar.

Тhe number of users of telephones reduces each year. In 2013, 64,8% from the families were home phone users, and in the 2014 the percent of users decreased to 56,4%, while 52,6% families were users in 2015.

The subscribers of mobile telephony remained almost unchanged in last three years – about 86% of families own a mobile phone.


56,5% from the families own at least one car, 1,4% have a camp trailer, while 0,4% own a boat, 8,6% of the families have a motor bike and 36,6% own a bike.


The statistical analyzers have calculated that in the last year 4,7% from the total income of the families was spent on furniture and other equipment for the home.

Regarding the spending of the money: 38.5% were spent on food and beverages; 3.5% on alcohol and tobacco; 13.7% on rents, electricity, water and other utilities and 6% on clothing. About 3.5% of the family budget was spent in hotels and restaurants, while for recreation and culture were spent 2.5% of earnings, 3.8% were spent for health services and 0.4% were spent for education.