The “Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services” analyzed 33 key messages from TV commercials for the following international brands: “Kalgon”, “Silan”, “Coca-Cola” (TV commercial: “Share a kiss”), “Lenor”, “Discreet”, “Neotel”, “Transmet”, “NѐsTea”, “Coca-Cola” (TV commercial: “Birth”),  “One” (TV commercial “Mile”), “Schweppes”, “Cif”, “VIP”, “Montenegro”, “Fiat”, “Dove”, “Olimpeja”, “Saveks”, “Teo”, “Schwarzkopf” and “Dr. Scholl’s” and domestic brands: “Zlaten Dab”, “Gazoza”, “Makedonija osiguruvanje”, “Telekom”, “Cevitana”, “Ideal Sipka”, “Skopsko”, “Stopanska Banka”, “Krali Marko”, “Lepten”,  and “Rosa”.
The results of the analysis indicate that women are more often the main characters in the TV commercial for different categories of consumers.
In the TV commercials for the big companies like “Coca Cola”, “Skopska Pivara”, “Stopanska Banka”, “Makedonija osiguruvanje” and “Telekom”, women and men were acting together.
The research data for gender and age of the subjects showed that within the world commercials, the most convincing is considered the group of women aged from 18 to 30 years (65 women). The next most common group is men with the same age category (39 men), followed by woman aged from 31 to 45 years (27 women) and men from the same category (24 men).
Roughly, equal number of women and men over 46 year were engaged in the TV commercials, and the least engaged are the female and male population in the teenage years.