Bill Kolberg brings nearly 20 years of agency experience
to his position as executive vice president and managing director of
the Los Angeles office. He provides senior level counsel to clients
while maintaining overall responsibility for strategic direction, client
service and management. Bill joined Porter Novelli as a senior vice
president in 1994 and for many years led the office’s consumer and food
and nutrition practice groups. He has also served the nonprofit sector
on behalf of many community institutions. Bill has worked in both the
private and public sectors and earned a reputation for his deep
knowledge of issues management, crisis communications, special events,
branding, media relations and multicultural marketing. Among the broad
array of business sectors in which Bill has led agency work are
homebuilding and commercial construction, state government, travel and
tourism, restaurant and food service, telecommunications, financial
services, retailing and packaged goods. A few of the household brand
clients he has represented include McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, GTE
(now Verizon), Wells Fargo and the Walt Disney Company. Prior to
joining Porter Novelli, Bill was a senior vice president for Bob Thomas
& Associates, Gelman & Gray Communications and Pacific West
Communications-all in Los Angeles.

“The best day of my agency career is always today,
because the world changes so quickly and I must meet the challenge to
not simply catch up, but to stay at least one step ahead. Couple this
often breathless pace with the diversity of the assignments, the clients
and the people and it’s easy to see why this is such a richly rewarding
and dynamic profession.”