Three of the agency’s projects won first place in 4 of a total of 7 categories in the first ever K2Web Awards


APRA Porter Novelli Agency won 4 prizes at the first annual awards ceremony for the best Facebook campaigns, pages, applications and groups in Bulgaria, the K2Web Awards. An expert jury of 11 members, including: Prof, Dr. Desislava Boshnakova, Tomislav Savov, Ivo Iliev, Biser Valov, Hristo Georgiev, Zhanet Naydenova, Evgeni Yordanov, Alen Popovich, Kalin Karaboychev, Boris Lukanov and Yuliyan Borislavov, chose the winners in the seven categories:

  • Social Network Campaign
  • Facebook Page of a Business, Firm, Organization
  • Facebook Page of a Product/Service
  • Facebook Page of a Cause, Community, Nonprofit
  • Corporate Facebook Group
  • Facebook Application for a Game/Promotion
  • Bulgarian Facebook Page of 2012


Projects by APRA Porter Novelli won first place in four of the categories: “Facebook Application for a Game/Promotion” with the application “Fan of the Month”, developed for Nivea Bulgaria; “Social Network Campaign” with the campaign “Explore Midnight”, implemented for Finlandia Vodka Bulgaria; “Facebook Page of a Product/Service” with the page of Jack Daniel’s Bulgaria, which was also named the most successful “Bulgarian Facebook Page of 2012”.


About the projects:

Jack Daniel’s Bulgaria is the Bulgarian page with the most stable fan/brand relationship in terms of number of user interactions in the thematic publications. Almost each status of the brand generates thousands of likes, hundreds of shares, and tens of comments. Its content reaches nearly 1 million Facebook users each week mostly due to its viral effect. The page was named “Best Product Page” and “Best Bulgarian Facebook Page of 2012”.


NIVEA Fan of the Month is Bulgaria’s first application for real fans – constant and loyal consumers – which know everything new about the company’s product range. The application doesn’t aim at increasing the number of fans, but it is rather focused on turning them into long-term consumers, recognizing the advantages of the different product series of NIVEA. The app requires participants to pass a test on the brand’s latest news before allowing them to compete for the title. Only the fans to answer correctly have the chance to compete for a unique trophy engraved with their name and free NIVEA products for one year. The secondary objective of the application is to generate traffic to the product pages on the website. A few thousand fans compete for the “Nivea Fan of the Month” title each month without an active advertising campaign. In addition, up to 8-10% (a few thousand unique visits) of’s traffic is generated via the application. The feedback from fans is highly positive. The application won the award in the category “Facebook Application for a Game/Promotion”.


The EXPLORE MIDNIGHT Campaign is a large scale project, implemented for Finlandia Vоdka Bulgaria. It aims at presenting the new local slogan of Finlandia Vodka, EXPLORE MIDNIGHT, repositioning the brand to a new audience, as well as strongly associating the brand with: party atmosphere, sharing and having fun with friends, urban night life, clubbing. What’s unique about the project is that it is an unconventional team game for four friends, who like having fun. The campaign is carried out under strict requirements for target audience, mechanisms of action and messages to meet the marketing objectives of the brand. A combination of a PR campaign, featuring Luisa Grigorova, an advertising campaign on Facebook, and a combination of attractive prizes like a trip to Ibiza, one night at a top club in Bucharest, a special limited-edition series of hand-painted handsets, and many more, was used to achieve the objectives of the campaign. The results, achieved among the target audience, were impressive: more than 23,000 new fans of the brand and 410 impressions of the new massages. The campaign won in the category “Social Network Campaign of 2012”.


About the agency:

APRA Porter Novelli is among the leading communications agencies in Bulgaria. The company’s clients include: Nestlé Bulgaria, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bulgaria, HP, Sanoma Bliasak Bulgaria, Microsoft Bulgaria, Siemens Healthcare, Henkel, Rompetrol Bulgaria, Beiersdorf Bulgaria, and many others.