The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services (AAAMS) released research about public electronic communications network and television stations that broadcast regionally for the first quarter in 2016. The survey was conducted using CATI method and semi-structured questionnaire. The overall sample consists 2,400 respondents and is representative for Republic of Macedonia.


One part of the conclusions of the study show that the people between 20 to 29 years are the people who are most listening the radios. From the national radio stations most listened radio is Antenna 5 with 8.2% daily reach, followed by Channel 77 with 3.9% and Macedonian radio with 2.9% daily reach. Also Antenna 5 Radio Network is the radio station with the highest weekly reach of 16.5%.


During one day, more than a three-quarters or 79.1% of the population watch TV. Most watched TV channels on the territory of Macedonia are the national TV channels: Sitel with an average daily range of 37.29% and Kanal 5 average daily range of 31.54%. Through the analysis of this survey can be concluded that the most watched content of regional and local TV stations are news and entertainment and / or music program.


More information about this research you may find at the following link.